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Web Links
Top Web Sites
American City Business
Bloomberg Online
Business Week Daily
Business Wire
CBS Marketwatch
CNNfn (CNN Financial)
Currency Yahoo! Finance
Int'l Markets Yahoo! Finance
Investor's Edge
London's Financial Times
Nordby Reports
Quote Yahoo!
MoneyNet: Reuters Business News
The Motley Fool's Market Watch
Nando Net Business News
New York Times
US Markets Yahoo! Finance
Wall Street Journal ($)
Infoseek Quotes

American Asc of Individual Investors
Chicago Board of Trade
Daily Stocks
Investor Words
Microsoft Investor
Motley Fool's Lunch
Mkt Traders
Morningstar (Mutual Funds)
PR News
Personal Wealth
Stock Master
Thomson Investors
Wall Street City
Wilson Financial Report

Finance: General
Chicago Board Options
Dow Jones
Dun & Bradstreet
Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac
H&R Block
NY Stock Exchange
Quicken Mortgage
Highlights in Stocks & Investing!
CNNfn Financial
Business Week Daily Briefing

* Featured Sites *

One of today's top investment search engine and financial directory featuring free submissions, real-time stock quotes, traders resource guide, investing newsletter, current articles, email and more.

Sherry Bruce’s State Discount Brokers

Largest woman owned privately held discount stockbrokers. A caring company. Clients are family. Traditional and online services. Offices in Cleveland, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Boca Raton.

Annual Report Service

Public Register's Annual Report Service Online - Includes online and free hard copy annual reports. Annual report sites on public companies trading on the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, and OTC exchanges.

Looking for Finance and Stock related web sites - check out this handy directory.

Freeman Welwood

Discount stockbroker, specializing in exceptional service and support.  Trade by phone or Internet at highly competitive rates.  Free quotes, news, charts, research and more.

Company Sleuth

A free service that automatically scours the Internet each night and e-mails users daily reports on updated information on the public companies they choose.  Company Sleuth searches  the Internet for legal, inside information from places that you would never think of checking.

A financial portal site for investors and traders with lots of useful links. Provides daily commentary, research, news, charts, quotes, chat, message boards, chart view, technical analysis, education, book store, and the top links on the net.

Try out this useful stock and investing site!

Gaskins IPO Desktop

Every technology and IPO investor should add this excellent site to their favorites list!

Wilson Financial Report

An on-line financial newsletter for the new investor.

Try the Future of Bond Investing!

Amsterdam Exchanges

This award winning web site is the central Dutch Exchange for stocks, bonds, options and futures. Keep track of the European markets!

Western Federal Group

Offers traditional full-service securities and full-service and discount commodities brokerage services.

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Web Links
Stock Brokers
A G Edwards
American Express Financial
Bidwell & Co
Brown & Co
Burke,Christensen & Lewis
Dean Witter
Discover Brokerage
Donaldson, Lufkin
Empire Financial
Freedom Investments
Freeman Welwood
JB Oxford & Co
Lehman Brothers
Merrill Lynch
Muriel Siebert & Co
National Discount
Pacific Brokerage
Paine Webber
Salomon Smith Barney
Smith Barney
T Rowe Price
WIT Capital
Waterhouse Securities
Western Federal Group

Research & Global
AEX Amsterdam Exchanges
American Journalism Review
Asia Inc.
Edgar Online
Free Edgar
Fortune Magazine
Hoovers (Company Info.)
India's Daily Business
Latin Trade Magazine
Latin World
Money Magazine
SEC Edgar Searches
Silicon Investor
The Street
Zack's Investment Research

Where to begin with Stocks,
Investing and Finances on the Web!

  • The web can be an excellent place to stay current on stock and finance news daily and to do research. But if you are new to the Internet, where do you start? We'll attempt show you some of the most popular financial sites and some useful web sites. We won't pretend to cover the whole web but will provide you enough to get going! Many of these web sites are provided by brokers or print media for free, others are subscription based. We will try to put a dollar sign ($) by those that charge but we may miss some.

  • A good place to start is at Quote Yahoo! This is a completely free site that provides a quick run-down on the world stock and currency markets in a quick easy-to-read format. You can get quotes on stock performances and prices along with profiles and news stories. Overall, an excellent resource!

  • Business Wire Headlines will keep you up-to-date on the current business news and the stock news. The Business Week Daily Briefing will give you a wonderful wrap-up of the day's business and market events. Their short column can give you a good sense of how the business day went.

  • Local business and corporate news can be found at the American City Business Journals. This grouping of business news on-line from major American cities can give the insight needed for local and regional business decisions.

  • For the big picture of the stock markets, Bloomberg Online $ provides a good, broad view of the markets along with a news feed, with more detailed information for subscribers. For a more personal view of the markets, The Street's $ Jim Cramer, will give you the insider's look at the investment world.

  • CNN Financial and Quicken have joined forces to give market watchers a comprehensive financial web site, covering market news, financial services and just plain good information. The Wall Street Journal $ with a paid subscription required, may be worth paying for. There are even discounts for paper subscribers. While the New York Times is free, you do have to complete a registration form, but they have a very worthwhile online presence that someone can browse through all day.

  • One of our personal web favorites to monitor the stock markets with is the Nando Net Business News. They have a easy-to-use news format, a comprehensive news feed, quick news headlines and a short summary of each story. They also cover non-financial news including world, US, politics, sports, technology and entertainment.

  • The final web site we suggest to research stocks with is The Motley Fool's Market Watch. While the site's navigational tools may sometimes make it hard to locate the material you need, they provide an interesting perspective on the US and world stock markets.

  • This is just a brief introduction to help you get started. There are many more stock and financial web sites, magazines and other resources available on the Web. Enjoy!

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