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Welcome! The Beat in association with brings you these business dress books that we consider essential reading for your business and career!

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Business Dress Books

Dress for Success
by John T. Malloy, Paperback. (For the most conservative offices and meetings...The classic.)

Dress Casually for Success
by Mark Weber, Paperback.

Mastering Your Professional Image
by Diane Parente, Paperback.

New Women's Dress for Sucess
by John T. Molloy, Paperback.

The First Four Seconds
by Martha Falke, Paperback.

Executive Eq : Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Organizations by Robert K., Phd Cooper, Ayman Sawaf, Robert K. Cooper Ph. D., Hardcover.
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More Business Dress Books
(Some of these books in this section are broader in scope and include all forms of clothes for men and women. They may be useful to the business person in creating their wardrobe.)

Color for Men
by Carole Jackson with Kalia Lulow, Paperback. (While you might not agree with the color schemes, Ms. Jackson does an excellent job of reviewing all the different men's clothing options for business dress.)

Petite Style: The Ultimate Fashion Guide for Women 5'4" and Under
by Susan Ludwig, Paperback.

Fabulous You! Unlock Your Perfect Personal Style
by Tori Hartman, Toni Hartman,

Chic Simple: Women's Wardrobe
by Kim Johnson Gross and Jeff Stone, Rachel Urquhart, James Wojcik, Hardcover

Chic Simple: Shirt and Tie (Chic Simple Components)
by Kim Johnson Gross, Jeff Stone, Michael R. Solomon

Chic Simple: Work Clothes; Casual Dress for Serious Work
by Kim Johnson Gross, Jeff Stone, Robert Tardio (Photographer), J. Scott Omelianuk (Some readers may be more comfortable with this book rather than the more conservative "Dress for Success".

Casual Day has Gone Too Far: A Dilbert Book
by Scott Adams

The Gentlemen's Guide to Style
by Steve Friedman, Gentlemen's Quarterly, Senior Editor
Order directly from the Conde Nast Collection at 1-800-411-7354.

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Women's Focus on Fashion...


An individual totally unique look borrowed from past eras, the bohemian look and the exotic.


Utilize your options with regard to unlikely combinations of suede and satin and lace and twills embellished with embroidery, the exotic or extraordinary adornment.

  1. Themes - Retro, Vintage, Art-Deco, Romantic, A More Opulent You.

  2. Accessories - Beads are Big! Look for twirls and swirls of quartz and glass. Unlikely combinations of classic pearls, turquoise and garnets in chokers and twists. Handmade purses, beaded and embellished, ethnically inspired with touches of the exotic.

  3. Shoes - Sassy, strappy sandals, vampy heals and platforms.

  4. Fabric - Heather, heather and more heather in hues such as Scarlet and in garments from skirts to tops. Furs (faux and genuine). Adorning collars. Classic velvets in the casual as well as the formal snake printed leathers in boots and shoes. tweed in bags and shoes.

  5. * New * - The Cape, short, medium or long and the "Poncho" - sueded or fringed.

  6. Garments - Longer jackets, "Dusters" flowing over slacks or "party pajamas" with the longer jackets creating a sleek line and hiding those figure flaws. Unstructured garments with Lycra - creating the simple minimalist look.

  7. Colors - Brown, a perfectly acceptable and elegant "Basic Black." Ivory, Tango, Greys and Heathers, Emerald and of course... Black.


Business Dress Essentials for Men!

We will cover different aspects of office dress wear for men, then go into more casual wear for "Casual Friday" or the more casual office. First off, the suit:

1. Suit (Should be 100 % wool. We will discuss the different kinds of wool in the future!) The suit jacket should fit comfortably with no bulges around the collar and neck area. Bottom of jacket should just fall into the cup of your fingers that are curled upwards or at least in the general palm area. Shoulders should look "just right" and collar should lay flat. The sleeve length of a jacket should show about 1/2" of dress shirt (3 to 3 1/2 inches from end of thumb.) With jacket buttoned, there should be no tightness in fit. No bunching up of jacket, it should lay smooth on body with some room to move around in comfortably. If there is a vent in the back, it should fall straight down with no flaring.

2. Pants should start at the belly button and you should be able to sit down in them with no tightness. (Remember to put keys, wallet and other daily items into your pockets.) There should be a slight to medium break at the shoes. (This can be adjusted up or down slightly, depending on personal preference.) Cuffs are optional, but are strongly encouraged. Again, a personal preference. (Standard is 1 1/4" but can be 1" or 1 1/2".)

3. Shirts can be many colors and shapes but the standard white should be somewhere in your wardrobe. Some prefer 100% cotton but the "wrinke-free" should not be ignored. The "wrinkle-free" can be taken out of dryer and hung up immediately and should stay crisp all day. The collars can be "button-down" but the point collar is more formal and looks better. Make sure the men's shop where you buy your shirt measures you correctly. European men prefer a more fitted, tighter look while American men prefer a looser fit. But don't let the shirts look like a tent!

In addition to white, sky blue is another standard color that should be in your wardrobe. Stripes can also supplement your choices depending your office and profession. The solid colors, white and blue, are appropriate for more important meetings. While other styles can be worn day-to-day, it depends on your profession, region and the occasion.

Nice slacks with a simple striped dress shirt, banded collar or polo-type shirts may be the standard in your office. And with "casual Fridays", that is becoming more the standard at the end of the week.

Any suggestions on this page are the opinion of The Beat and don't forget that business dress will be different among the many professions around the world and will vary from region to region, country to country. Thank you!

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